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Asus ROG Strix Z390-H motherboard Max RAM

Level 8

Hi all,

I have a custom water cooled pc with I9-9900k on an Asus Strix Z390-H motherboard.

Currently i have 4x8gb rams on it. I need min 128gb ram due to running some LLM models on it.


Z390-H manual says max 4x16gb rams are supported. Is this true? Can’t I just install a 1x32gb ram in there ? Did anyone tried increasing the ram capacity beyond 16gb single sticks? 


Yes, you are right! But still uncomfortable about why they write max 64gb ram 😞 . So It does not even give more pcie lanes, its just an additional slot, and therefore should not affect the total max ram ? right ? Maybe I should not even draw generalisations like these as an end user haha 🙂 Do you think that it's safe to go with 128gb ram ? It says that you are a moderator. Do you guys do technical recommendations ? 


Correct, the pcie lanes/slots don't affect the memory.

Since 128GB is on G.Skill's QVL list, you can be sure it's compatible.

I don't see the 2666MHz memory kit, but I do see a 3200MHz kit at amazon which is also on the G.Skill QVL for the ROG Strix Z390-H Gaming motherboard.

You have the i9-9900k cpu which has the strongest memory controller of the 9th Gen cpu's.

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