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Asus ROG Strix H370-I No Posting / Booting

Level 7

I am posting, because I want some opinions, bought the motherboard in last December in United Kingdom, I am from Portugal, started the build last week when entered my holiday's. The board worked one day, on the other just "bricked".

As I plug the PSU it starts the Aura and the orange LED below the PCI slot, when I push the power switch it starts the CPU fan and them nothing more.

Tryed single rams in both slots, from Corsair and Kingston.

Tryed another CPU.

Tryed reset the CMOS.

Tryed another PSU.

Tryed removing the M2 NVME.

Can this board do BIOS flashback?

I am out of ideas, since the MB was bought on UK before Brexit, talked by phone with ASUS Iberia and they say it should be sent to the vendor in UK for him make the RMA, but the shipping costs, don't even know if the business is still up, so I am really out of options.

Thanks in advance.