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ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080 Black Screen/Freezing PC (After Recieving New Card After RMA)

Level 7
Hello all, I have never posted on forms of any kind before and for the past 8 months or so I have had nothing but issues with my new build. Im not going to go into depth about the first issues I had but my GPU ended up being DOA so I sent it back and the sent me a new one, no problem. I installed the new card and it worked for about a month or so and I stared getting black screens, super slow/choppy responsiveness and sometimes would just freeze (epically while using an internet browser.) Recently I started getting multiple black screens at a time and I decided to take a look at my event viewer and saw the iconic "display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered". I decided to take a look in my system 32 drivers and realized the driver was NOT there?? I am beyond confused and I am very desperate to get this fixed. I have run stress tests, Mem86, and other things and have all passed.

My Rig:
Intel Core i7-8700k
32GB G Skill Trident RGB Ram
Asus Maximus X Hero(WiFi-AC) Mobo
EVGA 850W Super Nova Power supply.

Please help me. This is beyond my comprehension. Thank you.

Hi prestonslater

Here's what I'd try:

1) Reset your pc to defaults.

2) Install the latest Nvidia driver 430.86, after the license agreement click "custom (advanced)", if you're not using an hdmi cable you can uncheck the HD Audio driver, then check the box that says "Perform a clean Installation".

3) Be sure you're using two separate pcie power cables to your Strix 1080, not one cable with two connectors.

4) Plug your pc directly into a wall socket.

5) Open Command Prompt as an administrator and type in sfc /scannow - this will repair or replace any damaged or missing files.

6) possibly a failing monitor cable.

If none of the above helps, list your complete ram specs and do you have a single 32GB kit or two 16GB kits combined?

Hey Nate, sorry for the late response. I have been out of town.

I have tried all of those and had no luck. I am using the G Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200 Ram. They are two 16GB kits combined.

Thank you Preston

Sometimes combining two memory kits with the same specs works without issues and sometimes it can give you problems which could be happening here.

Fist thing I'd try is, at the very top of the Dram Timing Control page set Maximus Tweak to Mode 1.

Maximus Tweak Mode 1 - helps with compatibility
Maximus Tweak Mode 2 - helps with overclocking

If that doesn't help, try setting your ram manually with these settings and see if this stabilizes things.

Dram Frequency - 3200MHz
Dram voltage - 1.40v
CPU VCCIO voltage 1.15v - 1.25v
CPU System Agent voltage 1.15v - 1.25v

Enter the primary timings at the top of the Dram Timing Control page. There are four timings but you will enter three numbers as the middle two are tied together, for example if your primary timings are 15-16-16-36 -2T

You'd enter:

Command Rate 2N.

F10 and Enter to save and Exit.

If this doesn't help, try each 16GB kit separately to confirm there are no issues.

Hey Nate, Just got a checkered looking pattern on my display, which happened last time I was having issues, I sent the card back and they sent me a new one but the problem just came back.. Any ideas? And ill be sure to try those settings!


No luck, its now artifacting and freezing like crazy. Should I contact ASUS for another gpu RMA?? Maybe even a mobo RMA? This has been going on for almost a year and I don't know what is going on anymore. This isn't my first build but this is my first ASUS build and I have had nothing but problems.

It sounds like you have a defective gpu but before rma-ing it let's be sure.

Can you try your Strix 1080 in another pc?

Hey Nate, Did quite a few things yesterday to take into account. I plugged my buddies 1060, put a fresh install of windows 10 on my ssd, tested the ram by each pair at a time, purchased a 1000w power supply to see if it was a PSU issue, still persisted. Moved the 1080 into a different PCI-E slot, Tested RAM in different A1 and A2 sets on mobo. No difference.. Is there a chance that it is the mobo?

At this point it is possible it could be the motherboard.

Can you have your buddy test your Strix 1080 in his pc ?