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ASUS ROG Strix B650E-I - Need a recommended 64GB (32gb x 2) 6000mt/s kit

Level 7

Hello, im interested in the above mentioned motherboard (Strix B650E-I), but am concerend about RAM issues. RAM compatbililty is a known issue on many AM5 motherboards and I would like to know which 64gb (2 x 32gb) DDR5 6000 mt/s kit I should purchase. I have checked the memory support page (  but when i search for 64gb kit none appear. Also, this page suggests I use XMP ram, which everyone knows doesn work on AM5, you need AMD EXPO.. 
If someone is running this motherboard with a 64gb kit at 6000mt/s, and it works flawlessly, please can you let me know what type it is. Thank you

Many thanks


Super Moderator

Hello, validation after launch period can be slow, agreed. You may want to check the GSKILL QVL for your board.

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