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ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex Leads the Pack

Level 14
This looks extremely interesting, a board designed specifically for the overclocking, benching crowd , not for your gaming build, I like it

"here are some of the first pictures of ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Maximus IX Apex, the company's flagship motherboard based on the Intel Z270 Express chipset. The board has many first-in-segment features. To begin with, it features a non-rectangular PCB, which probably lets you quickly pull the board out of bench-tables. Designed for extreme overclocking, the Maximus IX Apex draws power from a 24-pin ATX, two 8-pin EPS, and one 4-pin Molex. The CPU is wired to three memory slots, two of these are DDR4, and make up the dual-channel DDR4 interface. The third slot is DDR3, and can be enabled at the flick of a switch, for troubleshooting the DDR4 memory OC.

The Maximus IX Apex features four PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots, from which two are wired to the CPU (topmost slot and third slot), and run at x8/x8 when both are populated. The second and fourth x16 slots are electrical x4 and wired to the Z270 PCH. Although not visible, it's likely that this board features one or two M.2 slots, at the reverse side of the PCB. 8-channel HD audio, Intel gigabit Ethernet, four USB 3.1 ports (including type-C), and display outputs that include DisplayPort and HDMI, make for the rest of the connectivity. The board appears to feature a great deal of onboard OC buttons and switches. ASUS will reveal these features when it launches the motherboard a little later this month."




Level 40

Level 10
Screws on heatsink look cool... Whole board look nice... not only shape, colors are nice as well.
This is one more innovation from ASUS and now others will decide to cut PCB as well.
It's obvious that biggest enthusiasts never buy motherboard before they check ASUS ROG models.
I saw and ASUS Strix Z270G mATX model look interesting. Motherboard series is not complete without some special mATX model.

Level 13
It appears to be a big plus for memory operation that there are only two slots - no T-traces, so better termination and less reflections. Impact has long used that approach. Other makers have also, but messed it up by trying to do 4 slots without T-traces. With this one, we get good memory speed, multiple PCIe slots and ASUS BIOS.

The DDR3 slot is for what??

I have enough heat problems with a NVMe drive on the top of M8E and R5E10. I'd have to rig an air duct to cool it on the bottom.

Level 10
Come on Asus, let this beast free!

Level 14
How's live been treating you, nice to see you show up here at ROG again, Raja mentioned Jan. 15th. release date, but now mentioned there may be a delay, were all kind of foaming at the mouth for this board, hoping you have a prosperous new year my friend

Jab383, the DDR3 looking slot is for a card which can house 2 M.2 drives, raid or not is possible

Level 10
Good mate, enjoying the life of a gamer and family man! Might even be more time consuming that benching! 😉

Just watching the clock tick by waiting for apex so I can push my good kaby, 8 series just uses too much juice for clock and an mocf might look a bit daft sat in a th10a!