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Asus rog keyboard replacement

Level 7
Hello folks I am looking for some input regarding replacing my laptop's keyboard. I have owned an ASUS ROG GL551JW for several years now and the keyboard has been going downhill for a while. I am looking into putting in a new keyboard, but wanted to get some clarification on some things first. There are two routes I am able to go here; one is getting a completely new palmrest with the keyboard already integrated into it. The second is removing the keyboard from the current palmrest and attaching a new one. The first is much simpler, but from what I have seen will run me at least $100 for the part. The second would be much cheaper (starting at $25), but I would need to do a bit more work detaching/attaching the keyboard as ASUS secures them with rubber rivets and tape to the palmrest. I am confident in my ability to do the second, but I am having trouble identifying which keyboards will be compatible with my laptop. There is quite a price difference between ones that specifically say "GL551JW" and others that say "G551JW" or "GL551JW-xxxx". The letters and number have to do with the models and specs, but I am not sure how similar they have to be to work with my computer.

Any input is highly appreciated!