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ASUS ROG G17 G713RM - Random crashes

Level 7

Hello guys,

I am at the end with all my knowledge regarding this topic.

Last year, i bought my ASUS ROG G17 Laptop, and since around February I suffer from random crashes.
The only thing I did to my RIG was installing another SSD, for more space.

While playing PUBG, sometimes the Laptop randomly shuts down... sometimes instantly after 10 minutes of gaming, sometimes after like 3 hours. The laptop itself is positioned on a cooling system from coolermaster to help bringin in cool air.
It also restarts and shuts down while playing Gothic 3 for example...
And when trying to play Baldurs Gate 3, it always shuts down and restarts during character creation... it really drives me nuts, since I tried so many things already and I can't find any solution.

My Laptop Specs are AMD Ryzen 7 - 6800H and Nvidia RTX 3060 Laptop GPU with DDR6 @ 6GB and 192 bits

I tried the following stuff

  • updating all drivers (and I really mean everything)
  • upgrading bios
  • CMOS reset
  • downgrading bios and trying it - afterwards upgrading it back to current version 327
  • New install of Windows without keeping my personal stuff
  • de-installing Baldurs Gate 3 and installing it on the provided SSD from the laptop
  • uninstalling my Samsung Evo 980 Pro SSD and just running it as ordered (after a new installation of windows 11)
  • Trying different fan controller to prevent the laptop from overheating
  • new cooling fluid on GPU and CPU
  • running it without armoury crate
  • Armoury crate - running on performance mode -> crash
    running on turbo mode -> crash
  • Running my home AC at 18 degrees -> Crash

Laptop is always connected to electricity and power should not be the problem on that case.

Well nothing helps... it simply crashes, and I really can't figure out why, I also tried playing the game on low settings, but still cant get any further than character creation.

Any ideas... since I really am at the end of my wisdom 😕