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Asus rog crosshair viii dark hero + Hyper M.2

Level 7

Hello there,

i have a asus rog crosshair viii dark hero with the Ryzen 5950x, Nvidia 4090 (at the first PCIe) and the two possible m2 slots are already occupied. I would like to install a NVME Slot Adapter (like the Hyper M.2) on the third PCIe (at the bottom) and use at least 2 more m2 hardrives. Is that possible?

I tried to get the right information  but I didn't find any specific answer to it. So maybe you can help 🙂

Thank you very very much in advance



Hello AaronTyler,

It's doable but....

The only place I see to put the hyper card would be in the second pci-e x16 slot and doing this will drop the first pci-e x16 slot to x8.

The third (bottom) pci-e slot supports up to x4, with two ssd's on the hyper card, you'd need at least x8.



Thank you. That is the Information I needed. I am going to switch to SATA SSD III instead.

You're welcome

In your situation, to keep the gpu at x16, using SATA ssd's is a good option.