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Asus rog croshair x670e hero ram help 64 gb

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Hello everyone... I'm a little clueless. I'm sorry, I have a rayzen 9 7950x processor and Asus rog croshair x670e hero motherboard and Corsair 32GB(2x16) Vengeance RGB 6000mhz CL30 DDR5 AMD EXPO Ram (CMH32GX5M2B6000Z30K) ram. My question is; If I buy another 2x16 ram with the same RAM and 64 GB, will it be a problem? So these rams will be 4 slot 16, is this a bad idea? Is the best option to use 32 dually?
thank you everyone


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Hi @Grkm2692,

Combining and mixing memory kits isn't supported by memory or motherboard vendors. This is because memory vendors bin and validate the memory kit in the density in which it is sold. If you combine memory kits, the overclocked settings in which the kit is validated for XMP/EXPO are no longer valid. Purchase a single kit validated for the density and frequency you are trying to run.

Key Points on Why Not to Combine Memory Kits:


Mismatched Timings and Density:

  • Memory vendors bin kits at specific densities.
  • Combining kits for higher density invalidates programmed timings, leading to potential issues.

Troubleshooting Challenges:

  • If rated timings fail, returning both kits or tuning the system becomes necessary.
  • Tuning requires a deep understanding of memory timings, posing challenges and technical considerations that are difficult to simplify.

Time-Consuming Tuning Process:

  • Tuning memory settings demands significant time, a systematic approach, and patience.
  • Lack of knowledge on memory timings complicates the tuning process.

Recommendation for Simplicity:

  • Combining kits can lead to complex memory troubleshooting.
  • Purchase a single, compatible memory kit for a smoother experience.


13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Corsair 32GB(2x16) Vengeance RGB 6000mhz CL30 DDR5 AMD EXPO Ram (CMH32GX5M2B6000Z30K)

Should I buy this RAM as a kit of 2? Same, what if I fill 16 GB x 4 slots? is it a problem?
Are you saying there is no need? thank you for the answer my friend