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Asus ROG 780 poseidon

Level 7
could someone help me with liquid cooling for this gpu.
i need only for GPU !!!
i preffer simple and good loop.
any advices ?

Level 40
Hi Chloyeee 🙂

if you are thinking of building a water cooling loop you will need a few basic components...A pump...a reservoir...a radiator and some tubing and fittings for connecting things. What you chose might be affected by what case you have and what components can comfortably fit inside it.

Since you would need the basic components for any loop you build, adding one more piece...a block to cool the CPU... would not be much more effort and cooling the CPU too can give you great temperatures and maybe a performance boost if OCing.

are you looking for a recommendation of specific parts?

Level 7

I need advice on this too. I have a corsair h100i cooling my cpu, so for now i don't want to upgrade this part.
I own a Poseidon platinum graphics card and I'd like to watercool it but I need help because of the galvanic corrosion. The water block is copper or aluminium? Any recomendations on the pieces of the loop? I will be upgrading it later so I really care if the corrosion will be a problem for the RAM or CPU blocks in the future.