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Asus Rampage V Edition 10 issues with 960 Pro

Level 8
I'm having issues with my motherboard or 960 Pro. The Samsung 960 Pro (1TB) only runs at a read and write speed of around 100Mbps, the system lags and the usage is always around a hundred percent. I ask myself if the 960 gets insufficient lanes or something. I've got two 1080s of which both get assigned 16 lanes, so there should be 8 lanes left with a 40 lanes CPU, right? I contacted Asus by phone and email with no success so far. Other posts on the internet didn't help either.


*Asus Rampage V Edition 10
*Intel Core i7-6850k
*4 X 8GB Dominator Platinum RAM
2 X Gigabyte 1080 Xtreme Gaming
*Samsung 960 Pro, 1TB
*Samsung 840 Evo, 512GB
*WD Black 6TB HDD
*Netzteil beQuiet Dark Power Pro11, 1200W

*Windows says the 960 works fine but it just doesn’t.

Windows 10 Home 64 bit Version 1709
Bios-Version: 1801

Level 40
Hey Paludis...

Where is the 960pro? in the NVME slot or in a PCIe lane on a card?

If it's in the NVME slot on the chipset it should be running independent of PCIe lanes and slots on the left...

Did you do a clean, UEFI install with no other drives connected?

Yes, I installed it in the m.2 slot not via pcie. And did a clean Install with no other drives connected. I also changed drivers to the standard nvm express ones from microsoft

Level 11
Where are you measuring read/write speed? What is telling you the 100 Mbps?

My system is similar to yours, and I have a few additional bells and whistles. Mine works fine so far as I can tell. I use Samsung drivers from what I remember when installing.

I measured both with Samsung magician software and crystal disk mark

Level 11
You might try uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. Frankly I would suggest using the Samsung driver.

I did already reinstall the driver. And I‘m also using the samsung driver at the moment

Level 11
Your second post says the opposite? That's the way it reads to me anyway.

Let me clarify: I changed the drivers to the standard one from microsoft. That disnt work so I did a cöean reinstall of the samsung driver which I had on my pc from the start. I simpöy tested with the microsoft driver

Level 11
Can you go into your BIOS and check the following settings:

  • BIOS > Advanced > PCH Configuration > PCI Express Configuration > AUTO

  • BIOS > Advanced > System Agent Configuration > NB PCI-E Configuration > AUTO (for all of the slots)

  • BIOS > Advanced > Onboard Devices Configuration > PCIEX4_1 and Front USB3_34 / back...... configuration > AUTO

  • BIOS > Advanced > Onboard Devices Configuration > 4-Way Configuration > AUTO

....or the highest generation/speed available. I use AUTO for all.

These are how I have mine set. Sometimes it seems the speeds (GEN#) get screwed up, and this may affect your M.2, because it shares resources, at least with one of them.