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Asus ProArt PA34V - Display Port: No Signal

Level 7

I just purchased a brand new Asus ProArt PA34V monitor and I am experiencing a very annoying problem with it.

If i connect it via DisplayPort I can see a BIOS screen when I boot up but after that it goes blank and i get a "Display Port: No Signal" message.
If I first connect my old LG-W2253 via DisplayPort to DVI adapter, boot into Windows and than connect my ProArt in its place, it will work just fine.
If I connect both at the same time, than I will see a BIOS screen on my LG and nothing on Asus ProArt until the Windows login prompt comes on. Than the ProArt will turn on and LG will go blank. After the succesful login, both displays will be turned on and work normally.

I updated ProArt firmware to the latest and pretty much tried every little trick that I could think of, but it just won't work as it should. Needless to say it's annoying and inconvenient to have a second monitor around just so you can normally get into Windows.

- Asus ProArt PA34V
- GeForce 1080 ti
- Asus Rampage III Extreme mobo

Thanks in advance!