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Asus Prime B650M-K memory error - G.SKILL 32GB KIT DDR5 6000MHz CL30 Trident Z5 NEO AMD EXPO

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Hello Everyone,


I have an Asus Prime B650M-K mobo with - G.SKILL 32GB KIT DDR5 6000MHz CL30 Trident Z5 NEO AMD EXPO memory.


When I start the PC it hangs for 20sec, starts blinking rapidly. This should be a memory error. 

BIOS was updated about a month ago. I have tried EXPO I and EXPO II and running at 5800Mhz.

I have cleaned the ram's connectors and blown the ram slots with a little air too. It does the same if I try it with switched ram slots, ot using only one of the rams (its a kit).

I dont have access to an another DDR 5 Mobo or ram sadly to troubleshhot 😞

Am Imissing something?



Hello Smitiz

32GB 6000MHz cl30 may need some manual voltage adjustments to get fully stable, running at 5800MHz shows you're almost there. 

You could do 1 of 2 things.

1) Set X.M.P. and relax the timings a little.

2) Raise voltages to get X.M.P. stable.

In the bios on the Ai Tweaker page set X.M.P I then set:

1) Dram VDD voltage - 1.40v

2) Dram VDDQ voltage - 1.40v

3) CPU SOC voltage: 1.20v - 1.25v

At the bottom of the Ai Tweaker page click Advanced Memory voltages:

4) IVR Transmitter VDDQ voltage - 1.40v

5) Memory Controller voltage - 1.40v

6) F10 and Enter to Save and Exit.








Thank you for your support, I will try it today evening!

Should I use 5800MHz?