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Asus Phones

Level 7

Hello everyone,
I wanted to mention something before I start explaining something.

The fact that you have released 7 ROG Phones and there is still no proper Phones Forum Section is kinda odd in terms of community relations and forum administration. The structure of this whole Forum is very weird. Either way...

I always liked ASUS and what they do, ASUS used to feel like a "For Gamers" company, but not it feels more like you try to restrict more and more. How the title says It's about Asus Phones, so people who buy an Asus Phone usually are tech savy, the less tech savy people go with "good(bloated)" Samsung or the even less tech savy go with Apple (yes its biased).

There is exactly no benefit for you guys to lock the bootloader on ASUS Phones, everyone does it and every tech savy person hates it.
I have an Asus Rog Phone 7 and weirdly also a Asus ZenFone 10, I like my ZenFone 10 more than my ROG Phone, because it's more practical. Phone 7 feels like a tablet, it's cool but really big and always falls out of my pockets (maybe a silicone cover?) and this is also how my ROG Phone 5 flew between the car seat and moving the car seat scratched the "hell" out of my display.

I think having an unlocked bootloader for the ZenFone 10 would make the life MUUUCH better for many users who want to install another ROM same as me who doesn't really like the stalking that Google does on Android.

So I'm giving you my money and you need to lock the bootloader and/or make it even harder to unlock it somehow. It will only make more people buy the phone, There is a forum where people send back about 35 phones because they couldnt install a custom rom. 35*850€ just because of a locked Bootloader that seriously doesn't affect you at all.