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Asus Motherboards and Flow Sensors (Maximus Hero / Aquacomputer flow sensor)

Level 8
Good evening everyone,

I am finally done with building my unobtrusive case. Only Ticket left on the to do list is to measure the water flow rate.

Here is where I am stumped. I am sure I am doing something wrong, just cant figure out what.

Motherboard is a Asus Maximus XI Hero (no Wifi) and the
Flow Sensor is a Aquacomputer G1/4" Flow Rate Sensor for Aquacomputer Aquaero.
The cable connecting the device to my motherboard is a Aqua Computer 53027 – Cable.

All of the above can be found on (I did not want to use links as they may change).

So I connected the device to the W_Flow on my Motherboard, booted the computer up, pressed F2 to get into the BIOS. Checked under Monitor and it shows me N/A.

So clearly something is wrong.

Looking forward to advice from the community, cheers, Caipa.

Level 8
Bump, Is there seriously no Info on this by anyone, and does Asus truly never visit their own forums ?

caipa wrote:
Bump, Is there seriously no Info on this by anyone, and does Asus truly never visit their own forums ?

It appears that is not the right cable after some google searching. It is some proprietary cable not meant to go into the fan header. You need a fan header cable of sorts (cable technically the same but seems some adapter needs to exist).

Level 7
Dayjob is a manner. A cord is a cord...few strands of copper wound together to carry a current or signal. In this instance...its the signal being sent to your motherboard that is incorrect. Dayjob is correct in saying its the same kind of cord as a case fan...but you can use any cord. Basically you want a device that is going to send an rpm signal to your board which will then be calibrated and changed to Litres per minute. Bitspower makes a really good cheap one which does just that, The coolant flow will spin the blades on the flow sensor and the rpm signal will then be able to be read and translated into LPM...much like a PWM fan. As I understand it anyways. I've looked and researched this same exact thing trying to find a correct flowmeter for my crosshair hero vii. Im fairly certain you could use any fan header as a flowmeter header.