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Asus Monitor - USB-C to HDMI

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I have a 27" Harmon Kardon Asus monitor.  It's an older one I took off a family member's hands just for an additional display (work purposes).  This will make three monitors.  The other two are connected by HDMI, and they work fine.  I bought a USB Type-C to HDMI cable, thinking I would be able to connect it to this monitor and use it (since my PC only has two HDMI ports).  But, I can't get it to display.  The monitor always says no signal.  Will it work?  My PC is an Intel NUC (Skull Canyon).  I have tried both of the Thunderbolt ports on the back as well as the USB-C port on the front.  Thank you.


This is the specific cable I am trying to use:


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Hi @Mystik1 

According to the specification page, the Intel NUC should support up to 3 displays. However, I've had some strange issues with multiple displays on Intel GPUs so it might be best to contact them directly.



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