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ASUS mobo P8H61-M/LE-USB3 and PCIe SSD

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Hi all

I have the ASUS P8H61-M/LE-USB3 mobo. It has the B3 Revision (i've checked in BIOS [south bridge stepping is B3] and with the ASUS SATA Verifier tool). So it doesn't suffer from the Intel Cougar Point design error described here:

I have flashed the latest BIOS v4601 x64 and have installed the Intel RST latest driver IRST_V10101008_XPVistaWin7. So with that said here's the issue. As I see, it is exactly that south bridge Intel H61(B3) Express Chipset controller, which is responsible for the 4 SATA ports. And those are the ports where one would connect a drive to boot from. HOWEVER, I want to place a PCIe SSD in one of the empty PCIe 2.0 x1 ports and boot from that. Question is - will that work, will it boot from the PCIe port given that the storage controller seems to only control those 4 SATA ports? Will the mobo even recognize the PCIe SSD as a device to boot from and will it even list it in the list with psbl devices to boot from?

I don't know if the H61(B3) controller also controls any of the PCIe ports. My guess would be NO, but I gotta ask since I don't know and there are various opinions on that circulating on the net. I don't have a spare PCIe SSD to test with so that's why I'm asking here.

Level 7

Dear Team,

trust you are well and safe ,

actually to be honest i have the same motherboard and i was searching all over the internet for an answer but was unlucky, so please can you really answer this guy question because i have the same issue, and i am not sure if its going to work or not and ofc i dont want to buy the pcie card and m2 ssd and pay for nothing .

so please your advice is really matter and i'd be thankful .

best regards 


Hello Maenshadid,

The OP wants to install a pcie ssd in the pcie 2.0 x1 slot.

I wouldn't advise it, even if it would work, it would be super slow because it's pcie 2.0 x1.