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Asus Maximus XII Z490 Formula - Long CPU Init / Q-Code 00 through M2_2 ?!

Level 7
Hi Guys,

I discovered a weird bug with my Z490 Formula board and i heard it from other people who could reproduce it.
It’s when a NVME SSD is installed in the M2_2 Slot of the Mainboard, independent from the M2_1 (not relevant if there is a nvme inserted or not).

If there is a NVME in the M2_2 Slot, the Mainboard hangs for around 7 seconds in the CPU Init, showing Q-Code 00 after 4-5 seconds there is a “Check CPU” text displayed and after another 2-3 seconds the PC continues with the normal init proecess. This is totally strange and only appears when a NVME is installed in the M2_2 Slot.

I did also a short Video of it:

Formula Z490 NVME Bug

I know 3 other People who have the mainboard and everyone has the Problem. So it’s not a faulty Board.

Dear Asus, can you please fix that ?

Level 7
Anyone else here who discovered the same behavior ?