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ASUS Maximus VIII extreme not seeing NVMe SSD in PCI card

Level 7

Hi, I have two crucial Gen 3 1 TB NVMe SSD. I put one in the motherboards M.2 slot. Windows sees it, works fine. I put the second one in an Orico NVMe to PCIe adaptor and plugged it into a spare PCIe slot. There are no drivers for this card they should in included in windows 10. Blue power light shows on the PCIe card, seems to indicate working ok. However the SSD can't be seen in BIOS or by windows disk manager or command line diskpart tool.

I have the latest BIOS for this motherboard and have tried the card in multiple slots.  any ideas?  according to the motherboard manual it should support this card.  I've checked for relevant BIOS settings and can't find any and as mentioned the M2 SSD slotted directly into the motherboard works.