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Asus Maximus ROG XII formula and NZXT x63 liquid cooler

Level 7
Hi All,
My Son just made a new build with the following components to talk about in this post;
Asus ROG Maximus Formula XII
Intel i9-10900 LGA 1200 CPU
Phanteks Enthroo Pro TG case

His plans are to edit videos for utube so thinking a better cooling system then the stock cpu fan should be considered.
My Son is interested in the NZXT Kraken Z63 liquid cooler system.
Will this liquid cooler fit and work properly on the motherboard and and the LGA 1200 CPU ? (In specs it don't list the LGA 1200)
Are there any other attachments required to hook up the water jacket that is on the motherboard to the NZXT Z63 system?
Where I am not into water cooling I want to be sure he gets this right the first time around. I figure the best place was here to to ask the members who have this already installed and working. Or have other good suggestions for his setup.
Greatly appreciate any advice.

Level 7

I have the exact same motherboard and cooler (X63) and everything seems to be functioning perfectly well! So yeah, it's fine for the build you're going for.

Also, the dimensions on that case are fine for that cooler too!

Yes it will work I have a Asus Maximums XII hero with a NZXT x72 works good the x63 is the same as the x72 just a longer Rad, make sure if you mount the tubes bottom up to the AIO Pump sorry the pic is sideways i dont know why it does that but you can see the tubes at the bottom of the rad going up to the pump its the proper way if you install it with tubes up it creates large amount of air pockets and will ruin the pump after a year or so