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Asus Maximus IX Formula no USB driver for Window 10??

Level 7
hello all,

I have a new pc, with the following:
MOBO = Asus Maximus IX Formula (Bios updated with latest version 0906)
CPU = intel i7 7700k
CPU cooler = NZXT Kraken x62
GPU = Asus GTX 1080 8G
SSD = Corsair Neutron XT (480gb)

I tried to install windows 10 but it always prompts me with the "Load Driver - A media driver your computer need is missing..."
I have actually installed the windows 10 pro before but when i started downloading the drivers for my pc, it crashed while trying to shutdown for reset.
After that, i couldnt go to windows again. So i tried to install again Window with a new slate and now this happens. The error "missing media driver" always comes.

I have tried to troubleshoot with the following
note: for troubleshooting, i always removed the GPU. currently no GPU is connected
1) I removed the SSD and booted with only the USB 2.0 Bootable inserted and its still the same error
2) I redo the ISO download from Window website:https: //
note: i used Rufus to create the bootable USB. and i already have 2 USB to try. still no luck
3) i also did what other said to move the usb to another port during installation but still didnt work.
3) i also tried to change some bios setting for the boot but it also didnt help.

Can you help me?

Level 15