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Asus Maximus Hero xii wifi and ddr4 4000mhz problema

Level 7

I hope I can get some help Please?

My New Build Asus Maximus Hero xii wifi with an Intel i9-10900k cpu and G.skill F4-4000C17D-32GTZRB DDR 4 ram will not post if setting M/B XMP to XMP1 it will show what the ddr 4 is and all that, but when you save and exit it does the restart and it take some time then it put you back to the start screen and says press F1 or was it F2 then you go back into the bios! i also just tried leaving everything to auto and at the ddr instead of auto i have set it at 4000, then all the way down to 3300mhz and it will not post!
If i set the DDR to 3200mhz or less then it will post and you can install windows 10 and everything runs fine!! I am on this PC now and here!
I am not trying to overclock this computer!! do not need that much power! I have a 850 watt power supply the only weak link is my graphics card that is a asus radeon r7 360 yes it is old but i can not find a new RTX 3090 or 3080 the BOTS grab them up to fast

So am I doing something wrong?? setting or not setting the right things in the bios?? is it ok to run this 4000mhz ram at 3200mhz??
if i leave everything to auto settings this ram in the bios says it is 2133mhz! this can be right is it??


Level 7
My Bad i just updated my Bios and set it to XMP1 and it the pc posted and windows 10 launched 🙂
so i went back into the bios and it now shows the DDR4 running at 4000mhz 🙂
but in windows in cpu-z it show max. bandwidth DDR4 2132
but the dram frequency says from 1999.1 to 2000.1* ????is this correct?