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ASUS Maximus Extreme Viii will not boot - Code 55 but RAM OK - Sudden problem

Level 7
Hello - help needed.
I have the ASUS Maximus Extreme Viii motherboard which has work seamlessly for many years. I have made no changes to it aside from ensuring the bios is up to date. Yesterday I came downstairs to find it was switched off. Assumed a power cut or something had happened. However, it will now not boot. I cannot even get to bios. There is power and the LED codes flip and change but seem to rest on 55 which from what I gather means no memory detected. I took the memory out and it is working fine in my works computer. I’m running a full test on it now so clearly that’s not the problem. So what is? I suppose there’s only the chip left to test?

I followed all of the other advice on this forum of reseating RAM and even reseated the CPU - but since the PC has always been stationary, unchanged, and formerly working I don’t think it’s to do with incompatibilities, seating issues, new hardware etc.

Any ideas - it’s a great machine - loathed to change CPU and motherboard without really understanding if it’s a necessary thing to do.

PS sometimes the codes do rest on other numbers like 40

Cheers, Jim*

Level 12
jimsky wrote:
...has work seamlessly for many years.
Any ideas - it’s a great machine ...
PS sometimes the codes do rest on other numbers like 40

Lash out, go buy it new BIOS battery, replace it and see if this fixes the issue. wonderful puzzling things happen when the bios battery is not quite dead enough to wipe all the settings in the BIOS and show it's the issue.

Level 7
Really appreciate the quick response - I’ll try that. I also note that if I press the MEM OK button the final resting Q Code is 32 which I think points to the CPU being the problem. Tried reseating it again but no joy. Jim