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Asus Hyperion GR701 - Fan+ARGB hub

Level 8

Is it possible to buy the hub and powercables separetly? 

If not, can connect the FrontIO and SidePanel panel to a MotherBoard Header directly?

Considering that my Hub burnet out, what would my options to get my RGB working again


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Matt181 

May I ask which motherboard model you are currently using?
Upon checking the accessory kit contents in the ROG Hyperion GR701 chassis user manual, there is no mention of a "Fan+ARGB hub" as you described.
Could you please refer to the user manual to confirm the specific accessory?

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Hi Jias, im using a Z790 Strix F, but the mobo itself has nothing to do with it.

The Fan+ARGB hub is the one that come with the chassis itseilf.
It is stated in asus product page, displayd in the hyperion galery and also it has one manual on itw own.
Image taken from Asus Product Page


Image from the Fan+ARGB Hub (from Asus Hyperion Galery Page)


Imagem taken from Asus Suport Page (manual)


As you can see in the second imagem, in the upper right corner that are two capacitors which abd two cables attached to them. I mixed up when mounting them back and mistakenly connected one of the Power cables to the PWM conection, which burned out the little fan hub board.
All i want is to be able to buy a new one with their respective power cables.

And If thats not possible, would the Cooler Master Fan+ARGB hub do the same trick? Which is this one.





Customer Service Agent

Hi @Matt181 ,

thank you for reaching out to us. 

Based on your question, we have not tested compatibility with other brands, and we cannot guarantee compatibility. This is because it also requires control of ARGB lighting, which may not be possible. Therefore, we are unable to confirm whether the installation will work correctly for you. 

If you wish to continue using the product, we recommend contacting the dealer or reaching out to the local customer service team for further assistance. 

You can refer to the link provided below for more information.

Official Support | ASUS Global

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Are you sure that's what happened ? I  checked mine and you can do what you stated you did. But my cables were all ready connected to the card and I never took them off it! I have a RMA and will be sending the MB and Hub back for repair or replacement. They have pics of my damage. I will let you know what happens. But I don't think I will use the HUB controller. It is not really needed I can control the CPU fans form the MB as well as the ARGB lights from the MB. I don't trust that hub. Good luck Brian

I was switching my front Chasis fans and plugged the 4-pin power sata on the PWM header instead of the power conection, which is where you see the two capacitors. That fried the hub. My mobo seems to be working fine, only one faulty PWM header due to the mess i did. Thats why i didnt opened an RMA, the damage was entirely on me... i just want to buy a new Asus Hub with their respective power cables (since one of my melted).

Hope they can find and are able to sell.
And hope as well you get your RMA done flawlessly.

My hub and cableMy hub and cablethe burnt connectorthe burnt connectorMy buildMy build

You are a honest person! I  like that!  But that's not what happened to me. see my pics!

Was there any cable conected to the hub that melted? I see one, but cant tell which one is it.

Yes one of the stata power cables melted! The fan control wire from the hub to the MB looked ok but I have plenty of them.

This is my 4th build! I first thought I did something wrong But after looking at my wiring and testing all the fans and ARGB lights are working fine. I tested the HUB and only one power port was shorted out. The one on the right side or last connector in line. The other port was not shorted.

The only thing I can think of is, that my EKWB 140mm ARGB fans on thee radiators  connect one to another with a short connector so there is only one PWM connector and one ARGB  connector to install on the hub.  Less wires! Since I have two Radiators that's two 3 fan combos hooked to 2 PWM and ARGB fan ports on the hub! Plus I had my memory fans hooked up to the hub. That's only three ports used. 

But the hub supply's stata power to power the fans as well as the ARGB leds.  so that should have been no problem and ASUS agreed with me on that today. I checked the fans with my ROG power supply ( It shows the watts the power supply is giving) and the 3 fans combos were about 18 watts total. That's nothing, a MB could handle 3 times that with no problems.  But I had a lot go ARGB lights on the hub and I tested them today with a stata ARGB controller, I bought to check the load. All I saw was an about 14 watts and that is no problem either.

I debated about whether or not to use the hub when I was building it and figured why not. I will not use it again. I also used  three ARGB ports on my MB as well. so I could separate my lighting controls for different lights using ASUS ARGB sync. Your MB should be able to handle it also.

But if you can't get a hub from ASUS I will give the one they send to me to you for free! That's if they warranty this mess!