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Asus GL552JX motherboard ?

Level 7
Hi ! So, basically, my mother board looks to be dead and i wanna change it but i cant seem to find the reference of the original one ? Need to buy new one and install it. Any info about it ? (Or any basic one would work ?)

This is the model I bought exactly : Asus ROG GL552JX-DM215H PC Portable Gamer 15,6 (Intel Core i5, 8 Go de RAM, Disque dur 1 To + SSD 128 Go, Nvidia GeForce GTX950M, Windows 8.1

If you want more info about what happened, yesterday my usb hub stopped working (with my mouse and audio card), when i tried to put it in another usb entry, my laptop shut down and cant power it anymore (when i try, led goes on but nothing happened). I tried to take oout battery, hold the power button for 30 seconds etc etc, nothing worked.

SO i took it to a store and they said that actually have nothing to do with the USB, but a screw was not attached and jumping around the motherboard and maybe made A short circuit and destroyed my motherboard.

They asked me to buy another motherboard (but same as before) and they'll install it!

Anyway, any idea what is the exact motherboard ref/spec ? Thanks a lot !

Level 7

I could only find chipset info but its only a part of the motherboard right ? (Im a bit of a noob im sorry)