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ASUS G551VW-FY179D Upgrade from HDD to SSD

Level 7

Hi guys! I am willing to upgrade my old Asus ROG till i am able to change it to a newer model. I've just cleaned the inside, change the thermal paste etc. Now I would like to upgrade the HDD to a SSD and I am afraid of making a wrong choice. I've seen a lot of models, either Kingston or Samsung, all of them have to be 2.5" SATA 3 as far as i know. My main problem is about the dimensions and maybe the adapters. Can anybody please guide me in choosing my SSD ? Thanks a lot


Level 8

All 2.5" HDD or SSD have same port same dimensions. And as you replacing the HDD you don't need any adapters. Who changing the CD/DVD rom (if there was any) may needed the adapters. Not for HDD. But you can only replace HDD to 2.5" SSD. If you want NVME, you may need adapters. But I think using 2.5" SSD is better.