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Asus B760i vs Z790i temps

Level 8
Hey guys,

I'm planning to make a build and am primarily interested in low temps while gaming. Sadly I'm confused with all these CPU power phases 10+1 (Z790) vs 8+1 (B760) and PCI-e lanes 28 (Z790) vs 14 (B760). So I do not want to face throttling CPU,M2, GPU due to these power phases and lanes. I would really appreciate your help:

  • CPU: i5-13600 > No overlocking
  • RAM: Crucial DDR5 5200Mhz > No overlocking
  • GPU: RTX 4080-4090 max speed PCI-e 5.0

1. Which motherboard should I buy for low temps Z790 or B760i? Which is better for my value and needs above?
2. Plug M2 at the front (CPU support) or at the back slot (Chipset support)? Which slot is better for M2 if B760i is selected

Thanks for your professional answers.