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ASUS B560-F Motherboard has no XMP to set the DDR4 speed

Level 8

I just upgraded my ASUS ROG Strix G10-CE CPU from the I7 11700 that came with it to a I9 11900.  The computer started up ok but in looking in the BIOS I noticed that my new 16 GB x 2 DDR4 rated at 3200 MHz is only running at 2400 MHz.  Unfortunately I never noticed what speed the original 8 GB x 2 was running however on the DDR4 itself it has 2133 printed on it but the MOdel number is 8 GB 1Rx8 PC4  3200AA  UA2  11.

So my questions are as follows:  

1. Does the ASUS ROG Strix G10-CE come only with 2133 MHz memory? or did it come with 3200 MHz memory?

2. If it came with 3200 MHz memory why with the new CPU is it only showing 2400 Mhz in the Task Manager? If it did come with the faster memory how was it initiated?

3. Every thing I google shows a UEFI Bios and there is a way to set the memory on below the listing of the DDR4s, but my motherboard has nothing on the EZ page or the Advanced pages. So if this motherboard is not capable of being set up for 3200 MHz memory for games, what Motherboard that ASUS makes that is either a Micro-ATX or ATX (I have a new mid Tower Case coming that would take the full ATX) that in the Bios you can set the speed properly for your memory?

Thank you in advance for you help... for the time being I will have to play my games the way the Desktop is running.  I will have to bite the bullet and install Windows 11 all over if I buy a new Motherboard and will have to load a lot of software that will be lost on my current 1TB SSD which is in the OS (C) position.



Hello david52548

I'm not familiar with pre-built pc's but, check in the bios on the Ai Tweaker page that you can set the Ai Overclock Tuner to X.M.P.

If you don't have the X.M.P. feature, you'll have to set the ram manually.