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Asus Aura build assistance

Level 7
Hi there! I recently finished my first build and I picked my parts so everything is Aura compatible. However, I'm not entirely satisfied with the functionality of what I picked and I'm looking at ways to work around this. I purchased the Strix B350-f motherboard which has two RGB headers, However, after some research I discovered that both headers are connected as one and cannot be controlled independently. This means that my CPU fans, my light strip, and my case fans, can not be independently controlled. I choose the colour for "RGB header" in the software and all of those components assume that colour. I'm wondering if there are any aura compatible controllers or hubs I can purchase and connect these components to instead of the headers so I can independently control them as well. Considering these three are the brightest parts of my build and draw the most attention, I don't like not being able to control them independently. If there is anything I can purchase that allows me to do so, I would appreciate the input.