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ASUS ARGB headers / zones problem and solution?

Level 7
I've just built a PC using an X570-E (2x ARGB headers) into 3 ARGB hubs into 16 ARGB items.

As everything showed ASUS Aura support, I stupidly thought that ASUS software would properly support them and allow control of the ARGB items. However, Armoury crate reads the 16 items as one single LED strip so I'm unable to set zones in the ASUS software.

I can set a pattern across everything (currently set as Stary Night) but can't create any flowing patterns etc. I can adjust the amount of LEDs on both headers in Armoury crate but seeing as HUBs are into both Mobo headers and some ports are for ARGB fans, others ARGB LED strips, the numbers aren't one amount per Mobo header.

What I'm now thinking - please correct me if I'm wrong - is with an ASUS Aura terminal (or something else?), that gives 4 ARGB channels apparently plus the one that's already in the Mobo and software that I mentioned?

So in effect, I could set zones for back, top, middle and bottom on the terminal, then centre on the Mobo....?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you