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asus 2070 turbo GPU wont work with waterblock on??

Level 7

I have asus 2070 super model TURBO-RTX2070S-8G-EVO it works fine in my system with default air cooler, but I have watercooling set up, and as soon as I put the waterblock on which is corsair hydro x7rgb the computer refuses to post and I get white vga light on my motherboard which is asus x570 f gaming, I tried 2-3 times to get it to post no avail, but soon as I put the fan cooler back on it works, list of things I have tried are

installing waterblock with and without backplate no difference.
the block is connecting the chip and the pads prefitted have indents on from the gpu chips.
all the connections are as far as I can tell fully connected 8 and 6 pin to psu the same cable works with air cooler no problems.

is the waterblock shorting the GPU? is this corsair issue? as I could buy different waterblock but not if the same thing is going to happen?
Does this card work without fan connected to it or is this why its not working? as I cant see bios settings to change this either?

am totally stuck as to what the problem is and I emailed corsair to but no response yet?


Level 13
Does the preinstalled thermal pad have a protective covering? Many of them have a plastic film that has to be removed before installing in order to make good thermal contact with the GPU. Check for that.
All the video cards I've put waterblocks (about 12 of them) on work fine without a fan connected. The remaining possibility is a short. Are there projections from the block to cool VRM MOSFETS? Are those supposed to use thermal pads? Most do and those pads provide electrical insulation where the MOSFETS can have metal tabs. Check for those, too.
Any sign of heat? Scorching or other discoloration that might come from a short? Check for a short near the PSU cable sockets. A dead short on 12v would be safely caught by the PSU overcurrent protection and prevent booting without permanent damage.

hi thanks for reply,

there plastic covering on the thermal paste which I did remove, the thermal paste is covering and hitting the chip on the card as when I removed the block you could see, the block comes preinstalled with 3 sets of blue pads am guessing to cover the other chips there indents on the blue pads to show there hitting the chips weather there to thick maybe I don't know?

I not seen any scorch marks but will check again as the gpu currently fitted and working on stock cooler easily removed, I think the block causing a short somewhere just cant find out where. I tried with and without the backplate got same results,

thanks ill check everything over again 🙂


I disconnected the fans from the stock cooler and it work without issue booted into windows no problems, so am more than convinced the waterblock got issue or incompatible as corsair maybe just done visual reference, but seem to be the issue