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Armoury Crate Issue after Windows Update

Level 8

I heard that there will be a new version of Armoury Crate coming soon that is "supposed" to be fixed with all of the issues.....Anyone...someone hear this?

After building my PC, I finally got the Crate working after my build (installed as admin), when I log in as a user I always get popup asking to run ArmourySwAgent & ArmourySocketServer if/when I allow it to happen I get a BSOD and usually had to re-install windows.....

Since Crate is to be run as an admin (never been able to open as a user) why is it trying to run ArmourySwAgent ArmourySocketServer when I log in as user?

I always install while logged in as an admin, is there another way?

Now since the last Microsoft Updates when I log in as a user System, Armoury Crate Service & ASUS NodeJS Web Framework processes run over 10% each making my PC unusable (very slow and intermittent momentary mouse will not move no app switching then the PC will start working while these processes hangs the PC again.

I saw where there was Finally going to be a fix for Armoury Crate anyone know when or have any suggestions? If the answer is yes can someone give me a link with instructions on how to uninstall correctly and re-install correctly?

Any suggestions please?


Level 9

Just an honest question; Do you need this software? I build 2 computers for my kids and I like go go full OCD about the latest but also the bare minimal drivers needed to function. I tried this sofware once but, like anyone else I guess, I crapped out on this piece of junk and reinstalled both builds again just to satisfy my feelings about getting rid of this. But ok, you might guess it, maybe I'm missing out on something here so therefore my question why is this needed anyway. 

Guess it's a known thing but you can prevent this crate of horror to be installed automatically (Windows) by setting this in the bios:

Tool | ASUS Armory Crate | Download & Install ARMORY CRATE app -> Disabled

Thanks for the reply!

I like AC for it's updates and to control my box lighting....have it set to show CPU usage.....

I wish there was an alternative....thinking about trying G-Helper but I believe that's for laptops?