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aRGB Limits on Dark Hero.

Level 8
Hello all,

So here it is : I'm very happy about my Dark Hero MB for gaming and the rest, but about christmas I started to turn my PC in a lightshow, for the kids.
I had 120 leds across 4 devices (3 Gen 2 on one header, 1 GEN 1 on the other).
The specs and manual say that the motherboard can handle 500 addressable leds.
I say fine.
I buy a 300 Leds strip.
I plug it on one header.... and it will only lit a total of 120 leds.
If i put the other GEN 1 through a splitter on the same header, I have those 30 plus 90 leds on the strip. If I put only the strip, it lights up 120 on the strip.
If i mix GEN1 and GEN2 on a header, it corrupts the lighting and i get even less leds lit.
Back to all GEN 1 on a single header, how do I get to use more than 120 leds ?
Why does it consider different devices a single device ? (It doesn't do that on the GEN2 devices, the three fans are considered 3 independent devices of 30 leds each).
How do i get to use the advertised 500 led if i can't have more 120 / addressable header ?

Thank you