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Are all modern gaming builds noisy?

Level 7
I have a new pc build that includes
1- ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 3070 OC Edition 8GB GDDR6 V2
2- Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB case
3- Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX Liquid CPU Cooler

So it has 3 case fans, 3 cooler fans, 2 GPU fans. During gaming the fans turn so fast that you can clearly hear it. It's so loud.

I had a previous PC for 5 years with Asus STRIX-GTX980-DC2OC-4GD5 and the PC was dead silent.
You couldn't hear it even during playing.

Are all the new modern graphic cards this noisy or I can do something about it?
Look at these numbers and tell me if they are normal. Playing Call of Duty at resolution 75% of 4K.


Level 7
Especially I'm wondering about the
2500+ RPM for GPU fans
2500+ RPM for the pump
1600+ RPM for the cooler fans.

Level 13
Go all water cooled with a decent custom loop. My fans are quiet even under full load seldom making it past 800 rpms
Pump speed is normal. If its making noise you have an air pocket thats where it doesnt need to be that almost always is a result to how it was installed.

Level 7
No the noise is only from the fans rotation too fast. There is nothing faulty.

My only question is, is it normal for the 2 RTX 3070 GPU fans to run at 2500 RPM during gaming?
It's those 2 that are making the most noises.

I have 7 fans in my case. I do possess a silencing kit but all around it's kind of noisy but not as it used to be. If water cooling is installed the noise is much more silent.

Level 7
What is your Graphics Card's fan RPM during gaming?

The FAN brand can make all the difference IMO, I tried some in my quest for a dead silent PC.

An airflow friendly case can account for the most, regarding temps, but they will let the fan noise come out as well.

2x 140 Intake NF-A14 Noctua Chromax
1x 120 Exhaust NF-A12x15 Noctua Chromax
2x 120 Ryujin NF-F12 Noctua iPPC (@800rpm)
1x VRM Fan Ryujin (@400rpm as this fan can get loud easily)
3x GPU @900-1300rpm depending of the game
1x PSU Strix 750 but mostly off unless I start rendering hard

Corsair LL or ML need to be at very low speeds or they will be noisy, ML can really push some serious air and the AF too but Noctuas can go higher on rpm to compensate, but no RGB...

Cooler Master was great for the first year, then started rattling. Phanteks.. sorry but no. Be quiet is amazing too but they don't push a lot of air. NZXT, Zalman and Thermaltake on the average.



Level 7
What's your GPU?


I don't know about 2500 rpm's for a graphics card. For me, it seems very high however you might want to check the manufacturers specifications. Maybe it's normal?
Honestly, I never checked my rotations per minute on my graphics card
😛 The Titan RTX doesn't get loud that's for sure.

Level 7
Miracle! I solved it. I have 6 fans and by changing their positions, I have achieved a better calmer PC.

Before I reached 78 c temp and 2500 RPM. Twice also my game crashed. I suspect temperature was too high and reached 80c.

After moving around the same 6 fans, now I get 68 c and RPM is 2000 which is kind of silent. No way near how it sounded before. My other fans also rotate slower.