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Any news on hardware revision?

Level 7

I think SD card issue is a hardware related oversight, no software is going to fix it. While Asus is trying to keep it quite and replace the main board with another same board for RMAs (which will likely fail again), did they announce anything on releasing a new revision with fixed SD card reader?

I keep hearing about the Black version releasing, not sure about the period but any idea or news surrounding it?

I'm planning to get this or Legion Go, would like to know if there are any firm data out there regarding this.



Super Moderator

Hi, Not sure if you realise, but you've posted this in Hardware and Build Advice and have not even stipulated what device it is you are even talking about. Mentioning the Legion, one would assume the Ally. 

The SD card failure issue was resolved sometime ago. All units fixed or replaced under warranty do not have this issue. There was an official statement regarding warranty replacements at the time for affected units...

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