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AMD or Intel

Level 8
I know this is a touchy subject and is basically based on personal preference but I am thinking about going over the fence to AMD. I have preferred Intel for years, but see a lot of good reviews regarding AMD. I currently have a X299 system and was looking at AMD Ryzen 9 5900X and a ASUS board. Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

Level 10
You brave soul. 😄 I have been using Intel for 25 years. Did you know AMD was the first to make a processor for IBM and they had to work with Intel because IBM wanted 2 options ? But then Intel pulled a fast one on AMD and the rest we know.

Intel needs to earn it's customers. I have no issues with trying out AMD and I might just do that on the next build. I heard about AMD going LGA. The only issue I have is Adreneline, well it's just as bad as Nvidia.

Check the forums stability and performance. They all seem to be doing better. Now the question is all the material available ?

Level 13
Personally I wouldnt build anything new right now. The only socket that isnt end of life is intel 1200. Everything else is done. Wait until the fall and see what that brings. The two go back and forth and as soon as you jump the fence Intel pulls something out their backside. Did it a few times and was sorry later. AMD surprised everyone with the TRX platform then later Ryzens but they are dried up now. They both will have to pull something new out. Looks like Intel is about to pump out DDR5 and some other goodies soon. Thing right now is someone needs to open up some silicon fab factories somewhere besides Taiwan as all that (80%) is being hoarded by China driving up the cost on everything with a "Fake" shortage. Ive been at this for a very long time and while its a normal occurrence for tech to be in short supply at launch its not normal for it to be the same for a year or more. Of course the excuse is COVID but the fab plants in Taiwan are running full capacity. Intel doesn't have anything coming from there at this point which is why they haven't gotten 7nm yet, all made in Taiwan. I know there are some dealings going on but it wont do any good if everyone is sourcing silicon from the same place thats already being hoarded. Intel has already rolled out 10nm from other sources in the enterprise market and doing quite well with it. Thats their bread and butter. The consumer market is a drop in the bucket of them where its inverse for AMD. Try buying a 5950X, none but scalpers while Intel is widely available.

Super Moderator
The real question is what makes you need a new system right now?

Personally speaking as of this moment, I would not make the switch till Alderlake. Then decide on which path you wish to take. Both Z590 and X570 platforms have their own pitfalls and trade blows depending on the workload.
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Level 10
I agree, Z590 has been disappointing (so far) for me. Mostly sound not performance. Intel is a very stable platform but I would wait until the next chipset. However, (and I did not do it this time which was a bad decision), I always wait until the platform has been at least available for about 6 months. This way, you can really see from the forums the bugs lurking around.