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all in one cooler or build your own ?

Level 7
I would like to know if the closed loop coolers are worth it over the build your own kits ?
I would like to water cool my system and was thinking of using the h100 for the CPU and use water blocks on the GPUs

the case I have might not accommodate the full system.

pls, no laughing ! I know some bits are under rated and some over kill in the system at THE MOMENT

Purchased larger wattage psu then needed, benefit is if I do decide to go tri-fire later on then psu is more then capable to supply power.

bad purchase with these graphics cards, they are voltage locked.

just waiting too see my friend in the pc shop, my old workplace. 900d on its way

Level 7
Kraken x60 is the best closed loop cpu cooler right now,1.html

Own built wil be even better though

Level 11
AIO is quite effective and is safer.
Building a custom loop is a hobby by itself, the effect differs a lot depending on the person, most custom loops are better then a AIO but at a much higher price. It is also quite addictive, you will want more and more.
A cheap custom loop is around 200 dollars where top AIOa are around 100-150 dollars. There is also a danger with custom loops as there might occur leaks and no warranty supports leaks in custom loops.

If you have the time and money I recommend building a custom loop otherwise AIO is a better and safer choice.
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Level 14
well remember you will lose warranty at the moment you put things under water ( custom ).
what was your plan to put what under water?
the CPU only or more?
lets say that for each component you are not gona OC, you need 1x 120 fan slot space, but when you start to OC you will need to have 2x 120 fan slot space's as a minimum.

a custom kit will start at around 200usd for a deasent one, and up to what ever price you want ans add things to it and so on. ( but need a strong pump ).

Level 7
You could also consider the water cooling kits available as they will come with everything you need to get started.
The xspc kits have some good reviews. I just spent a little over 400 on parts for a custom setup and can't wait to get started. I should be getting everything tomorrow. So yes its addictive right away.
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Level 7
I have the Antec920 water cooler. Had to send it back because the pump made a rattle but when it was on cooled quite decently! Just got the RMA back today so going to hook it up again tonight *fingers crossed*

It's possibly not as efficient as the expensive air coolers (closed loop coolers that is) however you take a massive weight off the Motherboard and CPU as the cooler part is only tiny with the radiator and fans attaching and bracing on the case.

That and unlike the air ones they can be practically silent.

Level 40
I guess it all depends on what you want from a performance perspecitve and also from a looks perspective.

AIO work well and do a good job at a good price. AND you have enough epeen with your mates because you have water cooled system. 😄
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
I have decided to clear out my garage and sell lots of bits and bats lying there just taking space, the money I generate will go towards a new build if I sell my mobo and cpu together, I was going to purchase the cosmos 2 but it wont fit under my desk, 900d fits perfect !!!!

which haswell chip do you recommend for gamers !
also need new motherboard, any suggestions ?
will be doing a full watercooled motherboard so will have to do some research too see if EK do any full water mobo kits.

might aswell go all out once, next build will probably be 5 years down the line !!

currently I cant watercool the gpu because its a non-reference design so im waiting for the 780 to be released then tajke it from there.

anyone know if asus warrenty will be void if the stock cooler is removed to ad waterblock ?

Level 11
If you are gaming the 4670k is the best choice it performs about the same as the 4770k in games but is 100$ cheaper.
If you wanna watercool the mobo either the formula which already have a motherboard cooler for the VRM or the M6E which has water blocks being made for, water cooling the mobo isn't really needed so it is more for the looks.

The warranty is voided when the stock cooler is removed.
| Chassi: Phantom Fulltower White Edition | Mobo: Maximus V Extreme | CPU: i7 3770k
| Memory: 2x8gb G.Skill Trident X 2400mhz | GPU: PNY Geforce GTX 670 | PSU: NZXT Hale 90 750w
| SSD: Intel 120gb 330 series (OS) | Intel 120gb 330 series (Games n stuff)
| Monitor: LG 29EA93 | Cooling: Custom Loop