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Advice on M.2 SSD upgrade

Level 7
Hi guys,
I have an ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) and a Samsung 860 EVO, 1TB, SATA III, M.2.
I am planning on going on a little hunt this Black Friday and I was thinking on getting a new SSD, specifically, Samsung 980 1TB, NVMe, M.2.
The problem is, I am not sure if this fits the motherboard (physically as well as in terms of BIOS support).
I'm a little confused about connection and form factor and technology when it comes to M.2 SSDs.
I know the EVO has a B & M key connectors while the NVMe uses an M 5 key pin connectors but I am not sure if these are compatible.
I would apreciate the help.

Yes, that motherboard supports NVME drives. Most modern motherboards can support either SATA or NVME drives in the M.2 slots, but to be certain you should always consult your manual.
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