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Advice needed

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I just recieved my Asus Rog Crosshair VIII with wifi on Thursday. Friday I got my ram and cpu (64 gigs of Trident Z Neo and an x3900 amd cpu). Upon looking at the board several times from Thursday after work and until this morning, I have noticed some things that might be strange with this board. The VRMs around the CPU area of the board have 'splits' or 'cracks' in the soldering. Is this normal? I can understand some of the quality issues with the two 4 pronged connectors below and to the right of the digital error code display. They are bent to the left and the white plastic pieces are a few millimeters above the board surface. The soldering is a bit bothersome. I haven't started the board up yet. Is this board safe to start up? I still have the board in the box. Any help is appreciated.

I'll attach/post pics to show what I mean:

Level 7
Just bumping this up. Does anyone know if these cracks in the soldering would pose any kind of issue with the function of the board? Does anybody else have this problem with their x570 board?

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Arne Saknussemm wrote:
That is entirely normal 🙂


I don't think that I have even seen this before. Now on two boards. The one in the pics above are from an Asus CH8 wifi. I just got in a Formula version. The formula version had a few above the cpu socket that were cracked and non on the left side. The non formula had both rows of vrms cracked. Are those 'support' pieces that the vrms sit in cause any type of electrical shorting? I have been in contact with an Asus rep since the first board came to me . I did RMA that board before any use. He said it could have been damaged while being shipped. I think its a manufacturing issue that there is not enough solder being used to secure the vrms. I still haven't put the x3900 and ram on this board yet. What I would like to know if there is any electricl issues that would come from those 'cracked' soldered areas and would it ruin my other computer parts? Does Asus cover a loss like that? I can't really afford a loss.

I did send him pics of the formula board. It's a great looking board no marks or anything, but the issue of the cracked solder areas. I did asked him to send all pics to the Asus engineers. If it was a shipping issue, Asus needs to ask the 3rd parties not to ship their products in such manners to allow these parts to crack. If its a manufacturing issue then the engineers need to look at how and how much solder is being used.