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Advice for a g751jl replacement!!

Level 7
Hey Guys, I'm just here for advice, I'm not a hardcore Gamer though I do game a lot, I am a 100% Dedicated ASUS Laptop Fan, I do a LOT of design and engineering work on my laptop and needed something that a lot of Graphics Power so I wouldn't wait hours waiting for my stuff to render during down time flying between jobs. At the time the only Laptop that met my requirements was the G751jl- i7-472HQ - w/24GB Ram & 1TB SSD.
It's time to upgrade-replace, I'm having minor work to keep it as a backup, I could do the repairs myself I just don't have the time, (Keyboard & Battery, poss changeout RAM)
KEEPING IN MIND 17" SCREEN, OTHER THAN # OF CORES AND PROCESSORS, WHAT'S THE BEST REPLACEMENT, Reading through Asus' specs I don't see anything that stands out,
The G751jy stood out at the time regardless of being a "Gaming Comp, because of the independent graphics board and that is a major reason as it is now,
WHAT'S MY PLAY HERE GUYS!? I lean towards the Gaming units because of the graphics cards, the Engineering programs could care less about the platform, they'll run on a gaming or "Engineering" unit, I'm interested in hearing from you guys that have invested in the new Graphics cards and your experiences with them, If they're great a rending Gaming scenes without any issues those would be the units that would work for complex math in rendering!