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Adding more drives to Z270F

Level 7
Hi all,

I'm currently running the following system:

Z270F with an i7 7700K (+ GTX 1080 Ti & 4x8GB DDR4)

For drives it's fitted with:

Upper M.2 Slot - Samsung 960 Evo Pro
Lower M.2 Slot - Samsung 960 Evo Pro

4 out of the 6 SATA ports are populated with 2.5" SSD's (Samsung 850 Pro's)

Now the chassis doesn't have space for any more regular drives so I'd picked up a pair of M.2 850 Evo's and a pair of Asus's Hyper M.2 risers.

Problem is this, it turns out the riser cards don't support SATA M.2 drives (my fault, should have checked more thoroughly).

So checking the manual more carefully, I'd looked into moving the two NVMe drives onto the riser cards, and then fitting the 2 SATA M.2 drives into the slots - accepting that this would disable 2 of the SATA ports - which is fine since I've only got 4 out of the 6 ports populated.

However, after a great deal of experimentation and testing, I can't get that configuration to work properly either. Now I posted to the forum and the consensus there is that it might work with one of the M.2 slots based on wiring - but I'm not finding anything in the guidance to help me pin that down at all. Which makes me think I'm either missing something entirely (totally possible, it's been a long night) or Asus's guidance is a bit adrift?

Any help would be appreciated!