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A couple of questions

Level 7
I have just bought a Rampage VI Extreme X299 board and have it all setup. On my previous board (not Asus) my cpu temps at idle were much lower and idle wattage was lower, is there anything I may be missing that is the cause of this? I have re-applied liquid metal to my 7940x and re-applied thermal paste with the same results 30C vs 22C on the old board, quite a difference.

Also I am unable to charge my Galaxy S10 from any of the rear ports on the board, I have the setting enabled in BIOS but the phone just charges for about 3 seconds.

Thanks in advance for any help 13oots2

Level 7
A bit of playing around with the BIOS and I have now got the power down by enabling C6 state, my old board must've had it enabled by default. Am going to have another look at my cooling to see if there is an issue there.

Hi 13oots,

Install Hwinfo and have a look at what the cpu is doing, it may not be throttling at idle.

Adaptive mode with the windows power plan set to balanced should get it to throttle.

Thanks for the reply, I tried adaptive and same result, have gone back to offset and C6 state enabled. It might only save about 10-15W on the CPU but every little helps.