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8700k runs 800mmhz all the time on Hero x

Level 7
i just got a Maximusa X hero + 8700k

but it only runs 800mhz all the time, i tryed just about everything

clear cmos. chek
update bios to 802. chek
set multiplier manuel to 3.7ghz. chek
as a last resort i installed aisuite, that clocked my cpu to 7ghz a 26c "but it was still running 800mhz @ 0.68v

i dont know anyone with a 8xxx cpu or a z370 mortherboard
so i dont know if to RMA the mortherboard or the cpu

Level 14
There are a couple things you can try
Clear CMOS button on I/O panel, remove CMOS battery, update bios
Check the LN2 mode switch, should be in off position, try switching on and back off
If that doesn't help it is probably the motherboard

Unless someone else has other suggestions

cheked everything, even reset the cpu

geus ill have to RMA the board and wait 1 month, and if its not the board then i have to rma the cpu and wait another month,
and by that time we might start to see Z390 😕

if its the board, thren il have to buy windows key again 😕

thorght i used all my bad luck in the cpu lottery on my 7700k that wont do more than 4.8gz on apex board

Level 14
I have a IX Hero that does the same, tried different CPU and moved CPU to IX Apex, it is definitely my IX Hero as all CPU's work in my IX Apex