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5960x + Rampage V E10 Qcode 95

Level 7
Hi all,

So I bought a 5960x to replace my 5930k,

With the 5960x in the system I am hanging on Qcode 95 at boot.

I have tried one ram stick to no avail and also resetting CMOS. Also tried other bios chip.

I unplugged all USB devices and got one successful post but then back to qcode 95 afterwards.

I've tried two GPUs in different slots also.

Is this CPU dead or is there anything else I can try before RMA. Cheers.

Level 7
Forgot to say I've had the 5960x out twice now to check fit and pins and seems to be fine.

I put the 5930k back in and system boots right away. Unless anyone can think of anything to try I think I'm going to send this thing back.

Question is, do I send it back to where I got it on eBay OR do I do an RMA with Intel because it is in warranty untill June.


Thanks all

Level 7
Ok so I've sent it back to eBay. Panic over!

Hopefully the next one will work 😁👍