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4 PIN RGB header to Add. Header?

Level 7
Hey everyone I just have a quick question. I’m building a new pc using the ASUS Crosshair hero vi board, and I over looked the fact that it doesn’t have a add. Header so I cant control the RGB lighting of my case fans hooked up to my thermaltake fan hub. So my question is do they make an adapter cable that conects to an RGB header so I can add a add. Headder or anything like that?*


Level 7
No, they don't and that is imposible.


On RGB header you have 12V power and G/R/B, that is actually ground for green/red/blue diods. So you have analog signal that is actually your ground resistance on each color, so it just change LED brightness from off to full 12v.

On D-RGB header you have 5V power plus data (digital signal) plus ground (same ground as on G/R/B, but not controlled by motherboard). So your led strip has its own RGB-controller, that powered up by that 5v power source, recieves digital signal, decodes it and lights up different diods, and instead of turning off every red diods in strip - it can turn off every single of its separately. (Or if you want dive into details - every led has a controller, that has his own address and thats why this leds called addresable; that controller recieves commands for its address from motherboard and controls led color as it was told)
Thats why RGB header can't do this:

If you get some sort of cable (like you can use d-rgb splitter that don't have that blocked/missed pin, which prevents incorrect connection to 12v header) - you will burn your led strip because it needs 5v instead of 12v.
Even if somehow you get that 12v down to 5v (like adding resistor) - there is no way to transform 3 analog RGB signals to a single digital addressable with just a cable. And yep, you also don't have regular ground on 12v header, that is also a problem, but a tiny one in terms of getting digital signal from 3 different analog sources including fact that these sources are not doing same job as digital one.