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4 beeps after installing RTX 3070

Level 7
Hi, i recently upgraded to an RTX 3070 and after that i am getting the 4 beeps when i power my PC. I googled it and it seems a very common issue to all new 30xx nvidia cards. Some could solve this by disabling CMS mode in the BIOS, problem with this is that if you have OS installed in M.2 then windows won't boot at all.

Some other manufacturers have already solved this by releasing a BIOS update, i have an ASUS Z370-A Prime motherboard which BIOS was last updated in 07/2019.
Can someone form ASUS let me know if they plan to release a fix for this?

Level 14
I had the same issue after installing RTX 3090 FE card, and discovered the issue was due to having a USB charging device plugged into my rear IO USB port.

Vary strange, as I have had the USB charging device while running RTX 2080TI card with no issues, after swapping out card to 30-series card I was getting the 4-beeps at start-up,.. after unplugging the USB device and restarting the beeps have not happened, I confirmed by plugging the USB charger back in and re-start PC and sure enough the 4-beeps are back.

So perhaps check all your USB devices one at a time, re-start PC, see if that solves your issue.

Was not a big deal unplugging the charging device, was an easy fix.

Good luck.