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2x4gb gtx 960, gtx 1070 or nothing...?

Level 7
My build:
MB: Asus z170 pro gaming ( first time not using a rog mb btw due to low budget at the hasnt let me down though )
CPU: intel core i5 6600k (Overclocked to 4.5 GHh)
Ram: 2x(G.Skill Ripjaws4 4GB DDR4-3200MHz)
GPU: Gtx 960 4gb
PSU: Corsair CS Series 750W Modular 80 PLUS Gold
As for the cooling my closed loop failed about 4 months ago and i am now using stock fans except for the cpu wich i use coolermaster hyper 212 evo

I havent upgrade my build for a while now and i want to upgrade something (not really need to but i want to) should i but another gtx 960 4gb (240euro)? Is buying a gtx 1070(500euro)worth it ?
Upgrade something else ? Maybe build a costum water loop? Or buy nothing...and leave all the dust inside my computer :'( (Because you know opening it and cleaning it with out upgrading something is alittle boring)

Hi NickForcer

4.5GHz with the 212 evo is a nice overclock on the 6600k, since you already have it I would keep it until your next build.

You will notice the most performance increase upgrading to a gtx 1070 and will be much faster than gtx 960 sli. The gtx 1070 is a little faster than the Titan X, prices are higher than what they were supposed to be at launch and may come down in a month or two.

Level 7
(1920x1080) I am thinking its better to wait at this point...( I know a gtx 1070 will yield better performance but the price difference is big).

If you're satisfied with the 960 @ 1080p there's no real reason to change anything. But with oyur current power supply if you changed anything the 1070would be the best move. I just pulled an EKWB Predator and EVGA hybrid coolers to get back to air cooling since I have a 1080FE coming tomorrow so I won't go into liquid cooling