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2x RTX 2080TI on with Intel 4930k on Rampage Extreme IV

Level 7
Hi guys,

I have this old machine from a couple of years ago. I'd like to upgrade it. It has now 2x GTX 970. I'd like to change them to 2x RTX 2080TI. I'm wondering about a couple of things:

1. Can an Intel 4930k handle that?
2. Can that Rampage Extreme IV handle that (since it's old and it's a couple of years old)?
3. Is it better to wait for the next generation nVidia?
4. Do you have suggestions for better Value/Cost? Titan doesn't seem to provide that much Value/Cost, so I omitted it.

All the best from Germany.

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Hey samerafach,
1.) I don't see why it wouldn't however you may experience partial potential of the gpu's. 6 cores & 12 threads, it's still alright nowadays but there might be a bottleneck.
2.) Yes, it can.
3.) Well, the newest feature of ray tracing came to the market recently. I don't know what Nvidia has in store for the next generation but then again, it's impossible to keep up graphical processing unit's technology. I'm thinking Nvidia will continue expanding the ray tracing feature, while upgrading their gpu's every 2 years or so.
4.) Titan RTX is a monster of a card. It's very expensive but you maybe assured, you will encounter the best of the best there is to offer from the world. Anyhow, if you have the budget, why not engage your idea of 2 Geforce 2080Ti's in SLI? You won't regret it.

Level 7
Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Actually that's exactly what I meant with "2x". I want 2 GeForce 2080TI. The reason I omitted Titan is in a scenario where I have to choose between 1 Titan and 2 GeForce 2080TI. The price seems to be close, but the bench marks don't seem to show that Titan is twice as good as GeForce 2080 Ti.

Is there a way to know whether that CPU will create a bottleneck? I mean, even if I buy the cards and set the system together and try to use it.

Great questions. I have been thinking the same thing for a rig with a Rampage III Black Edition motherboard. It has a six core processor, an i7 990X with two 1070s. I have been thinking to either install two 2080s or two 2080tis. The big question I have is where the bottleneck will be. Currently the two 1070s can heat up under load at max fan speed, and I get occasional system freezing with fairly high demand games when the ambient room temperatures get up there. I guess turning on the air conditioner would help, but was just wondering.

Level 10
I think single card is best for gaming.
I think NVIDIA will launch very soon RTX2080Ti new version with all CUDA Cores.
Then some custom model single card will be great.
X79 platform is enough for new graphic cards. 3DMark Score CPU will be lower but impact on fps in games will be minimal.