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2nd M.2 slot not performing

Level 7
Hello , I spent 2 hrs. on the phone with support and noone could help. They're escalating but I thought to try here. MB Crosshair 8 Dark Hero, CPU Ryzen 9 5900x, Memory Corsair vengeance (2x32) 3600, Gpu Asus TUF 4080 OC, PS EVGA P6 1000W Platinum and Win 11 Pro. I also have a WDsn 850x 2tb primary drive that runs perfect (94% of advertised speeds. Then I have a 2nd identical drive for M.2-2 slot. This 2nd drive gets reads of 2.29 gb/s out of possible 7.3 gb/s. The wite is also slow about 5.0 gb/s out of possible 6.6 gb/s. The second drive has been RMA'd and I received a new one, same problem though.Chipset, Storage and bios are all updated. If anyone can please help !

I think you should be able to download hwinfo64 and check how many lanes both SSDs are using. It might be that one is running at PCI 3.0 or using less lanes for some reason. That would help explain things. Do you have many other devices plugged into the PCIE slots? The 2nd drive is connected through the chipset so it shares bandwidth with other PCIE devices.
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I downloaded HWinfo and it all looks fine. Thanks though. I just installed an Asus 4080 OC I wonder if that could be causing a problem ???