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2060 RTX Super heavy lag

Level 7
Hi to you guys, hope all of you are fine!

Don't know if I'm at the good place but I'm out of solutions and nearly desperated!!!

I wished to upgrade my old 660GTX (always runned flawless) so I bought this 2060.
I'm running in 1080 , 40-50 fps is ok for me, 4k is not my goal at all.

I have this card running PERFECT for 3 weeks (beated Far Cry 5 flawless and Wolfenstein New Order too) and about 5 days now I experienced lags playing wolfenstein old blood. Really bad lags, frezzing the game make it impossible to play. Tried Far Cry 5: same issue. Even loading the game was painful, lag at the entry screen. Unable to run "Haven" benchmark, just blackscreen.

Drivers are up to-date (clean install)
Fans are running when testing them at full power in GPUTweak
I check CPU, MB temps all was OK.
I swap the GPU to another PCIE16: everything was fine. Benchmark it with "Haven" 150 fps OK. Tested Games: OK
So I susptected the MB, I re-swapped the Card on the PCIE16 that was used before and now all works fine.

I got to thell that I'm running on and old CPU/MB I7-3820 P9X79 Pro MB. With a Corsair AX1200 PSU so the power may be not the case.
Case is a coolermast HAFX Full Tower, so airflow is good.

I know that my hardware would not unleash all the power of the 2060 but it could not cause a sudent major lag... Or could it be just incompatibles?

Someone told me that there could be some electricals limitations on my MB that can damage GPU and/or MB... Could it be possible?

Also could it be possible that the weight of the card applied on the PCIE16 connector could cause a misconnection leading to poor/no performance of the GPU? Because all I have done is to swap the GPU from one PCIE to another for test (with goog results) and swap it back. And the problem is gone (for now)...

Thanks a lot for your help...

Level 7
Someone have an idea or help please?

LucBuj wrote:
Someone have an idea or help please?

Well I would think, in order: Driver issue (did you install the latest), power supply (have you added the requirements), cooling (too hot?).... and then the horrible idea that you have an issue with the motherboard, card or incompatibility between the card PCIe lanes and the motherboard lanes (in theory the cards PCIe specs are backward compatible, but I found out they aren't always). I suppose you can reseat all the motherboard components in case the temps are causing some intermittent contact. Is your CPU throttling ?